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How to start an online business in a week

Get to learn step by step on how you can start an online business in a week.

DAY 1 – Research your market to know your target

  • Understand the pros and cons of the business idea
  • Interest and ability
  • Complexity and easiness

DAY 2 – Clarify your business plan

  • What business is going to offer
  • Who the customers are
  • How much to charge
  • Telling people about the business

DAY 3 – Decide on branding

  • Look at others for inspiration
  • Look at branding boards
  • Fonts, color, texture, images, logo
  • Learn the tools to use for branding

DAY 4 – Make a website

  • There are many tools online that can guide you to make a simple website. With a small budget you can also outsource a freelancer to do the website for you.
  • We are also available to help you get started out and learn the art of freelancing and how to create a website and grow business online

DAY 5 – Form an accounting system

  • The system will help you and guide you to make informed decisions on your finances well enough.

DAY 6 – Make a contact list

  • Make a list of 100 people to tell about the business and gather their feedback

DAY 7 – Create a marketing plan

  • To help in promoting the business
  • Plan on how to advertise online and ads to place
  • Reach out to your customers
  • Make a follow up plan
  • Outline the best places to find your customers

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