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Questions one should ask while looking for a mentor.

How to get a mentor? What is a mentor? Why do I need a mentor? Where do you find a mentor? How can I find a mentor? How to tell if someone is your mentor? What are the benefits of having a mentor? Should I get a mentor? Should I become a mentor? What are the qualities of a great mentor? How to become a good mentor? What is the best way to find a business mentor? Does everyone need a mentor in their lives? What are the most important attributes of a successful mentor and protégé relationship? How can I find a successful mentor that will mentor young entrepreneurs? Why do people fail in life? Why can’t I find a mentor? How to tell if a mentor is good?

Get some of the questions answered.

Why you need a mentor:-

  1. They have been there and done that.
  2. They are unbiased about you.
  3. Have contacts and a wide network.
  4. Offer Best free service for you out there.
  5. You get introduced to great opportunities you knew nothing about.
  6. They help you stay in business longer since they can advise you how to evade problems.
  7. With a mentor you are likely to succeed
  8. They push you to learn
  9. Help you avoid mistakes, hence save a lot of cash.
  10. They help make the right choice.
  11. They tell you when you are wrong – they tell you the way it is.
  12. They understand the struggle – to go without sleep.
  13. They share your core values
  14. They back you financially when need be – get to invest in you.

How to get a mentor;


Know yourself and where you want to go – know your passion


Find someone who is in that area and believes in you – they need to be a living proof


Study them as much as possible to know if they are the right ones.


Reach out to them and offer to help in any way you can. You got to work for the free advice.

Anything that takes a burden off their shoulder.

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