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Do I need a website for my small business?

Do I need a website for my small business?

Whether big or small, the truth is, you need a business website regardless. I know, you might be there thinking, “do I REALLYYYY need a website yet I have come this far without it anyway?” Look, times are changing, your competitors are adapting to new forms of technology to drive sales and keep up with their competitors. So should you.

If after this article you still feel like you do not need it? Call me. No really think about all the benefits you would stand to gain.

I will give you a few reasons why you really need a website

Having a website for your business shows some level of professionalism

First of all, some statistics, do you know 84% of consumers think websites make a business more credible? Food for thought

As earlier said, times have changed, technology has evolved.Imagine it has changed so much that some businesses operate mainly digitally, in this case Market254. No physical locations, just a great online presence. My point, people are looking for you online. A great percentage of online experiences start with a search engine.

Research found that there are over 3 billion searches on Google per day. Out of those, a very big number of them are looking for the kinds of products and services you offer. Guess who they find. Well NOT YOU. Why? You do not have a website. A website acts as a runway for your business.

Having a website helps you showcase your products and services to your clients/potential prospects. You get to show them what they stand to gain by simply working with you.

If you are the kind of business owner that thinks social media presence is enough for your business, you are definitely standing on sinking sand. Fine you are on Facebook, Instagram, and what have you, but so is every other business. When social media can help grow your brand, you honestly should not rely on it as a sole marketing platform. Getting a website is way cheaper than being left behind.

Anyone telling you that you do not need a website is wrong and you taking the advice, is giving your competitors an upper hand to beat you. Hopefully, by now you are convinced. It is not a question of why you need a website but rather why you do not have it already in the first place.

We are here to get you started and give you plenty of insights on how to grow it.

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