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About Us

About Deloway.com

Deloway is a student study library for practice exams, study notes, study guides, books, and student services consolidated from students. Our vision and mission is that quality education should be accessed by all.


To enable all learners to easily acquire relevant materials that they need in their studies, whenever they need them.

To be a trusted tool for students towards their success... both for learning and motivational purposes.


To be an academic tool to students at all levels by giving them a platform to share knowledge with their fellow students with ease.

Why choose Deloway.com!!

Deloway.com acts as a guide for your revision and self study.

Being stressed with hard assignment is real and common to all. Not having someone to guide you and show you the right resources to use is another issue. At rowhess, we believe situations like this are detrimental to learning. In the time you spent trying to get through one problem, you could have been learning so much other information. Think of us as an academic service provider that is there to assist and help you with all your academic questions and needs. We can explain the solution to that impossible problem, or better make a guide on how to go about it the easy way. We ultimately cut the unnecessary hours spent on one question so you can do more out of your time by directly connecting users who have questions with tutors who have answers.